domingo, 4 de julio de 2010

Dear Miriam,

Hola a todos.

Hoy les paso un mail que le he escrito a la gran consultora sentimental Miriam. Se lo aderezo con comentarios sobre Pragmatics y esas cosas, que si no no parece un post para este blog, digo yo. Cuando llegue la respuesta, ya se la hago saber.

Seguimos en contacto, y, ya saben, que nadie calle sus verdades. Nunca.

Dear Miriam,

I never liked pumpkin. My grandmother used to bake pumpkin cake for me and just the way it smelled made me sick. And so yesterday I was given pumpkins, right before dinner.

Pragmatics here tells us that you should find this whole pumkin thing funny as I'm using that sign intentionally to be funny.When it comes to Pragmatics, intention is all that matters.

But Miriam, did you ever tell me that an Aquarius and a Leo wouldn't get anywhere? You told me that, at least, I should give it a go. What for? Why all these things I've got through? Wasn't it difficult for me, too?

And then a friend comes for dinner. A friend. [Pragmatics' note: “friend” has a special meaning in this context] And B1 seems happier than ever. So then I should be happy, too. But instead A smiles at me, hughs me and tells me: I know what it feels like. Sure you do. But you don't, because you haven't made a fool of yourself as I have. And instead of going home, instead of shouting, or arguing or crying, I decide to stay, mainly because I am a gentleman. Then at 4 or so when I'm about to leave, B1 texts me to tell me that I shouldn't be upset or anything and that we should defo meet to go to the cinema or so.

I like Pragmatics, Miriam. I do. I find Pragmatics really interesting. And its Pragmatics the one who's told me who the guilty is in here. It must be cha-cha, I guess. Otherwise I don't understand anything.

What should I do?

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mirror dijo...


mirror dijo...

ESO SÍ, se me ha olvidado añadir: AMO a Miriam. Es espectacular y a veces se le va la olla y publica consejos súper rancios xDD